Former Professor Emeritus Ensures Scholarships Through a Deferred Gift

Photo of Allan H. Schulman, Ph.D.Profile: He respects loyalty, a sense of humor, and curiosity. He finds an individual's willingness to take risks as character-defining. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Allan H. Schulman, Ph.D., received his undergraduate degree from Temple University and his Ph.D. from Pennsylvania State University. In 2012, Schulman, 73, retired from Nova Southeastern University (NSU). After serving 24 years as professor emeritus of psychology, he amicably stepped down from this position as well as his administrative role of director for the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

What Matters Most: Taking risks, keeping in touch, and giving back matter to Schulman. Five years prior to beginning his relationship with NSU, he took the biggest risk of his career: leaving a tenured faculty position at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. What started out as a one-year sabbatical turned into five-years with the United States Department of Defense.

Reporting to the Air Force Division, Schulman, who had never served in the military, was stationed at a myriad of military bases located primarily in Asia. Schulman taught courses in Korea, Japan, and the Philippines, among other locations. When he wasn't teaching, he traveled to majestic destinations such as Nepal, Thailand, and a personal favorite, Diego Garcia—a small, enchanted island in the Indian Ocean just south of the equator.

Returning to the states in 1988, Schulman learned about a teaching opportunity at NSU and was immediately intrigued by the school's entrepreneurial approach to curriculum and the cooperative nature possessed by the administration, faculty, and student body. "Any idea, regardless of where it came from, was valued," he said. At NSU, he was able to develop a new program based on two academic principles of interest: evolutionary psychology and experimental psychology. "There was a sense of participation at NSU that was unique," he added.

Schulman made it a practice to keep in touch with certain professors who impacted his life and aided his career. He also keeps in touch with many of his students, who often call just to talk or get some advice. "I value these relationships," said Schulman. "My professors were equally valuable to me. The role of mentor is extremely important; it provides a great sense of satisfaction."

Since retiring, Schulman, an avid golfer and a voracious reader whose favorite author is Alexander McCall Smith, has focused on philanthropy. The concept of giving back, both to NSU and to other organizations, was ingrained in him as a child. "I was raised with a feeling that we have a responsibly to each other, and that lesson has continued throughout my entire life," said Schulman.


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