NSU Staff Member & Her Family Leave Their Legacy by Helping Children

Photo of the Mayersohns.Profile: Joel Mayersohn is a corporate securities attorney, and Jaime Mayerson is the director of communications for the NSU Mailman-Segal Center (MSC). They are longtime supporters and legacy donors to MSC. He plays golf—she never does. She enjoys literature. They share an interest in travel, exploring other cultures, and fine wine. They learned the importance of charity and community-building from their parents and have proudly passed that legacy on to their children. They are fans of watching their children move forward in their lives and careers—their daughter is earning her doctorate in clinical psychology at NSU, and their son performs and works for The Late Show starring Stephen Colbert.

What Matters Most: The Mayersohns are passionate about education—both have graduate degrees and encouraged their children, alumni of the NSU University School, to follow their dreams through education. Joel Mayersohn also sits on the Corporate Council of Broward County Take Stock in Children, which provides scholarships, mentors, and hope for a better life to low-income, academically qualified students. Philanthropy is important to the Mayersohns.

"We've been very fortunate to have the ability to make some difference in people's lives and some impact on the community," said Joel Mayersohn. "We were both raised with an understanding that it's just what you do, in whatever capacity you have. It is the very core of who we are, who we surround ourselves with, and how we would like our children to be and how they are now that they are adults." Helping children, especially those most vulnerable, has been at the core of their charitable work.

Upon moving to Florida 20 years ago, Joel Mayersohn served on the board of the MSC Baudhuin School—a preschool for children with autism spectrum disorders. "Our kids have been very fortunate," he said. "They haven't been impacted with issues such as autism, and we've been able to give them a lot of things that other children don't have. We see the ability in our lives to help others, especially children." Jamie Mayersohn added, "MSC recognizes that it's not just that child or even that family, but us as a society. We all benefit when our weakest or most vulnerable are helped."

The relationship with MSC and its programs has grown over the years; and although she never intended to work there when volunteering and being hired as a consultant by Dean Leiderman, Jamie Mayersohn has been with the organization full-time for the past six years. "MSC embodies all of the core values of the university and the things that we care about—direct service programs to children, research, community outreach, and respect for diversity," she said.


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