Loretta Neff ('85 & '88)

Photo of Loretta Neff. Alumna Loretta Neff earned her undergraduate degree and M.B.A. while flying around the country helping companies install and maintain some of the nation's first computer systems for accounting and banking. Attending college would not have been possible, she said, had it not been for NSU's night and weekend program.

"My boss was in Atlanta," she said. "I remember a lot of times, I would leave the meeting at 2:30 p.m., go to the Atlanta airport, arrive in Fort Lauderdale by 6 p.m., and go to class."

Neff thrived in the high-pressure technology environment of the 1960s, ’70s, and ’80s, but recognizes that time and travel demands made it difficult for more women to enter the field. Today, she feels the time is right for women to use careers in technology to change their future outlook.

"It's the place to be," Neff said. "Whether it's medical, banking, or all of these different businesses, technology is still the place to be."

Neff added that technology careers often boast an equal pay range for women and can offer opportunities to get involved with start-ups or to become inventors.

"People coming up today have the opportunity to change the world," Neff said. "I'd like to see NSU students move into management positions and perhaps develop products or inventions that would help people with medical situations."

To encourage future students, Neff most recently arranged for an endowed technology scholarship fund to be established through an estate bequest. The legacy gift made her a founding member of NSU's 1964 Society. She also continues to make annual fund gifts and is an active member of NSU's Fellows Society.

"I feel really good about [giving to NSU]," Neff said. "I was surprised that I have been rewarded in so many ways."

Neff explained that she has learned so much more about NSU by attending the special events donors are invited to.

"I had no idea there were so many ways to be involved," Neff said.


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