Legacy Gift Supports Those Who Dedicate Their Lives to Service

Photo of Karen Grosby, Ed.D. Karen Grosby, Ed.D., grew up around children with special needs and their families. Thus she became familiar with the major challenges they faced personally and in accessing education and employment. At the time, many were marginalized in their communities. Research and services were sorely needed then, and the need continues to this day. “I learned that to effect change, we need to ‘roll up our sleeves’ and make change happen. Impacting change sometimes meant personal giving. Even smaller gifts over time can have an impact,” she said.

She came to Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in 1986 and has since dedicated her career towards building a strong faculty who educate and mentor students to ensure they receive the education needed to serve others competently.

What Grosby loves most about students in psychology and counseling is that they are inspired to make a difference in the lives of others. She is impressed by how faculty and staff are committed to research, training, and service to bring the vision of NSU and the College to fruition.

All of this has inspired her to give back in support of her students and faculty and to leave a legacy that will support the College’s critical mental health services provided to those in dire need. “So many people suffer from distress and mental illness through no fault of their own. In addition, our day-to-day lives are full of increasing challenges and stress. Our students will dedicate their lives to service, typically sacrificing personal gain. They deserve as much support and opportunity that we can provide,” she says.

She became a member of NSU’s 1964 Society and will leave a legacy gift for students in the College of Psychology. Named for the university’s founding year, the 1964 Society connects legacy gift donors and their families with the university to establish meaningful and lasting relationships.

“These young adults have so much potential. Never underestimate the power of even a small gift. It can change a life.”


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